Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Walking Dead S6, ep. 9 "No Way Out" Recap

Show starts with Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham meeting with Neegan's people who strip them of their weapons. They are a little bit of heavy handed with the sinister music. (it's kinda annoying) Just as the leader of the group is about to kill Sasha and Abraham, Daryl blows them up with the rocket launcher since he subdued the guy that sepearted him from the group. Back at home the group is making their way through the walker horde. Gabriel volunteers to take baby Judith while the group goes to the cars to come back for everyone. Rosita talks sense into Tara who just wants to run after Denise. Morgan finally wakes up and realizes the wolf took Denise. Enid and Glenn are in the church looking for weapons. 

Glenn is giving the inspirational speech again to Enid and she is finally drinking the koolaid saying that she will help him save Maggie. The rest of the team to continue to move on as Sam becomes more afraid and stops. They beg for him to keep moving. He ends up being attacked and ripped apart and all the walkers swarm them. Jessie is attacked next and Rick has to chopped her arm off of Carl so he can get free. Ron gets his hands on the gun as he shoots, Michonne stabs him. Carl ends up shot in the eye. Rick picks him up off the ground and Michonne leads the way through the crowd, slicing and dicing walkers as they go.

Denise gets away from the wolf that decides to help her but at the last minute gets killed by Carol. Denise gets back to the infirmary right as Rick shows up with Carl and Michonne. Rick in a state of shock pulls the axe he has and walks out of the house. Rick is on a killing spree and taking a lot of walkers out. Michonne runs out to help as well as all the other guys in the house. The rest of the towns people run out to help once they see what Rick's group is doing. Father Gabriel even picks up a sword and is going to help save the town. Now everyone is out killing walkers. Enid and Glenn make it to Maggie. Glenn provides the distraction while Enid saves Maggie. Glenn is about to be over run but Abraham and Sasha show up with automatics and wipes them all out. Daryl uses the tanker to set the lake in town on fire that draws the attention of the walkers giving the townspeople a change to start to wipe out the ones that are distracted. (Epic music playing as they kill them, a lot of blood everywhere, the montage made me laugh as it was a bit much. 

It is the next day and everyone is recovering. Rick is talking to Carl who is bandage and unconscious. Rick says that the town is possible and the people are strong. He begs for Carl to let him show him what the town could be and Carl moves his hand.

Fangirl Thoughts: I am absolutely amazed that they went through with shooting Carl. They watered down Carl's character so much that I had no hope that the show would go this far. I am proud of them for stepping up. The montage was a bit much at the end as well as the heavy handed music but overall I enjoyed the show. 

Neegan will be mad that he just lost a group of his runners. What did you think? 

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