Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Play the Unravel Open Trial For Free Now!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to embark on a journey with Yarny yet, you can do it now! An open trial of Unravel’s™ first level is available on Origin™ for PC, Xbox One®, and PlayStation®4.

Unravel is a unique physics-based puzzle platformer centered around a tiny, endearing character named Yarny. Small in size, but big in heart, Yarny is a positive force in a world filled with life’s challenges. As Yarny’s adventure unfolds, players will unlock a heartfelt story about love and longing, and the ties that bind, with Yarny as the red thread that runs through it all.

EA welcomes everyone to experience Unravel’s first level, “Thistle and Weeds”. Players can join Yarny to solve puzzles, explore captivating environments, and uncover a hidden story woven into the fabric of the game. This free trial of Unravel will be available for 10 hours on Xbox One® and Origin™ for PC and is unlimited on PlayStation®4.

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