Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fear Effect Sedna now on Kickstarter!

Fear Effect Sedna is a real-time tactical action game being developed by indie team Sushee. Become reacquainted with the famous team of Hana, Rain, Deke & Glas in a brand new adventure that will take you from Hong Kong to Greenland, through Inuit mythology and with new partners. Will you dare to face the spirit world once again?

Square Enix Collective has licensed the Fear Effect IP to Sushee and is supporting the team by helping to spread the word about the Fear Effect Sedna Kickstarter campaign. But why aren’t they just funding the game themselves? They think it’s a cool game idea, but this is a chance for a small indie developer to use the Fear Effect franchise and build a name for themselves – keeping the majority of sales revenue in the process.

So can you help Sushee make this project a reality?

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