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Month-Long Social Events Offer In-Game Items and Exclusive Prizes

Square Enix® announced  that the full-scale FINAL FANTASY® mobile experience, MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY®, reached 8,888,888 registered users worldwide following its August 3 global launch. The number eight is significant because of its similarity to the infinity symbol. To celebrate this momentous milestone, Square Enix is hosting a series of social contests throughout November, giving players the chance to win exclusive prizes as well as in-game rewards.

8,888,888 Registered Users WORLDWIDE Event (Nov. 1 – 13) - Two lucky fans will be selected to win an autographed Official MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY Concept Art Collection or autographed official MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY Original Soundtrack. To qualify, players are invited to share the “8,888,888 Registered Users WORLDWIDE Event” post on Facebook with the message, “Congratulations to MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY for hitting 8,888,888 registered users worldwide!” This will automatically enter players into the drawing. Additionally, once the official event post reaches 8,888 shares and likes, all players will receive 88 in-game Ability Tickets.

“MEMORIES OF MOBIUS” – For the entire month of November, fans can win additional prizes by sharing their most memorable MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY experiences. The story that generates the most likes on the official Facebook event post will win an autographed official MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY Original Soundtrack. The second prize winner will receive a moogle™ plush toy. Furthermore, if the official post exceeds 3,888 likes and comments, every registered player will receive three in-game Crystals.

In-Game Login Bonuses and Free Card Summons (Nov. 1 – 13): For two weeks, a special login bonus will be available, featuring Summon Tickets, a Growstar and other rare items as rewards. Players will also be able to summon one Ability Card daily during this period without the need for Summon Tickets or Magicite.

The MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY team also released an exclusive trailer to celebrate the achievement of 8,888,888 registered players. The trailer may be viewed here: 

Players who follow the official MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY Twitter and Facebook accounts can get the latest information on upcoming 8.88 million promotional events and content updates throughout the month of November.

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