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Teen Wolf Season 3 Summer Finale

Teen Wolf Season 3 ep 12 “Lunar Eclipse” 

All three wake up in an all white room. Stiles, Allison, and Scott look like they are in the Matrix or something. The walk up to the stump of the Nemeton tree which is the only thing in the room.

Flashback to Scott and Derek with the tattoo. Scott looks at the rings on the tree and touches it. Scott is now in the woods going back to the first episode he sees himself finding the body and rolling down the hill. This is a nice touch to be honest. Scott watches himself be bit and steps back and realizes that he is standing on the Nemeton tree. 
Now there is Stiles seeing himself in the first episode in the woods where his dad finds him and he steps back and stumbles on the Nemeton tree. Next you have Allison with her mother almost hit Scott. The mother turns around and Allison gets out the car and follows the tracks. She finds Scott’s inhaler. Allison sees the tree. 

Real World time. They all come out of the water and claim they know where it is. Isaac lets them know they were in the water for 16 hours and are informed that the full moon rises in less than 4 hours. 
Cora is healed and helping Derek recover. Peter is letting them know that the moon is rising. 

Scott says he made a deal and needs to go back to Ducalean. They need the Alpha pack to beat Jennifer. 
Twin Wolf shows up looking for Lydia. He asks for help to stop his brother and wolf chick from killing Derek. 
Guardians are tied up and talking about how they may die. 

Twin wolf tells Derek that they are coming for him. Peter tells him to run. Cora tells him to fight for something worth it. Peter mentions how if he is going to die then Lydia would know. Lydia says she feels like she is standing in a graveyard. 
Argent house. Scott, Allison, and Isaac finds Mr. McCall at the house with the guns. 

Twin Wolf and Lydia are there when the bad guys show up. Lydia gives attitude and other Twin Wolf will not let She-Wolf hurt Lydia. In drops Jennifer from the ceiling in a bad-ass entrance! 

Fight Sequence. The wolves are fighting Jennifer and the Twins try to Unit and Jennifer pulls them apart. Jennifer and Kali have a moment. Jennifer is talking to her about how she has to use power to look normal. She then uses her power to lift shards off the ground and throws them into Kali. I almost feel sad for her death. Jennifer turns to Lydia but the twins have united and are ready to attack Jennifer. She pulls a spin move and breaks their combined neck. Lydia is left standing. Jennifer makes Lydia do her Banshee scream and Derek decides to go back because of it. The Twins detach and they are alive.

Allison says the FBI can’t hold them and says her dad is licensed for all the weapons. She pulls the smoke grenade and they run. Stiles is on the road and hits a tree when he cannot see. 

Derek and Jennifer talks about how Jennifer did not kill for them but for her own selfish reasons. Jennifer says she needs Derek’s help to take out Ducalean and the parents will live. 
Allison and Isaac find the tree and the trapdoor. They find the parents but there ground starts to come down. They are trapped. Isaac stands up to basically hold up the ceiling.

Scott sends Jennifer a message to find them at the warehouse. 
Vet guy says the Twins can be saved if they start healing on their own. Vet injects them with something. 

Derek and Jennifer show up the warehouse. Derek says he is there to help Scott. Ducalean talks trash as he transforms and looks more demon like than a werewolf. Derek faces Ducalean and Jennifer is powerless against him. He backhands Jennifer and Scott sees that they are down and out.

 Ducalean commands Scott to kill her. Scott stands up and says his pack will save the guardians. Ducalean grabs Scott and Scott throws down the Argent sparklers and blinds them. The eclipse has started and Jennifer is gone. All wolves are humans again. 
Stiles rushes in and uses the bat to support the beam. 

From out of the mist come Jennifer all scarred up in a hot outfit. She bashes Ducalean’s head into the ground. Derek points out that Ducalean has never seen her face. Jennifer heals his eyes and Ducalean looks at Jennifer. Derek says he will not kill him because he will not be a killer and tells Jennifer to let them go. Jennifer is trying to kill Derek and replays seeing him take the beating from his pack which delays Jennifer and allows the 15 minutes to end. Remember Jennifer never killed the guardians so she is not at super strength.

Jennifer throws up the powder to cause a circle to protect herself. Scott attempts to push his way through and is all glowy blue and his eyes turn red. He cross the line and destroys the circle. Scott says he can do it because he is an Alpha now. He tells her to stop and Ducalean comes and slashes Jennifer’s throat. 

The twins are alive. Scott calls Stiles and says everyone is okay. Derek lets Ducalean go and tell him they will come after him if need be. 
Allison and her dad talk. Allison wants to be trained and says there will be anew code. Says it in French, “Protect those who cannot protect themselves.”

Derek leaves town. Scott is doing a voice-over. Mr. McCall is sticking around and Scott says he is not welcome. Scott says he can feel the darkness. 
He is at school and sees his friends. Lydia with the Twin, other Twin with his Danny, Isaac and Allison (not cool!). Stiles walks up to him and they walk the halls. Vet asks about Jennifer and says the body was gone when they returned to the warehouse. 

Jennifer has crawled to the Nemeton tree. She is pulled back by a hand and says of coarse its you. Peter pulled her back and Jennifer says he will steal the Alpha from Scott. Apparently Peter is still an Alpha. 

My Thoughts: I still think we need to learn more about Lydia’s Banshee powers. I wonder if there is more to her parents? 

Peter is still an Alpha? Hmmmm….maybe when Derek lost his Alpha power it had to go to the next Hale maybe. Maybe there has to be a Hale Alpha since they are born a werewolf and not a bitten werewolf. I wonder how much he has been masterminding from the background. We know he set Derek up to be a killer and have blue eyes but what else has he done? 

I felt bad about Jennifer dying. 
The flashbacks were awesome. I thought it was cool how they were at the tree and did not realize it. 

Still think Derek’s mother is alive and will probably come back to take out Peter. I think Ducalean is gone for now.
I am very much anti Isaac and Allison. This is such a breach of guy code that there are no words. 
Is it just me but I feel like Mr. McCall has a lot more going on with him then what has been known. I wonder how accepting he will be of the supernatural aspect. 
I still feel like the Blue eyes thing was used to explain Jackson’s eyes. 
The Alpha twins are an Alpha I wonder if they would want their own pack. Are they still Alphas after being almost killed. Can they still combine without Ducalean’s influence? 

It should be interested to see Scott stand tall as an Alpha now. 
Winter Premiere on June 6th 2014. 24 episode season! We still have the other half to go!

Here is something that made me giggle. 


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