Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Xbox SmartGlass Info

Xbox has shared with us its progress with SmartGlass and the potential. Xbox Live General Manager Ron Pessner presented how Xbox SmartGlass will be an integral part of entertainment on Xbox One. Here are some examples of the integration.

Dead Rising 3: In the game SmartGlass becomes your in-game smartphone, compatible with all Windows 8, iOS, and Android SmartGlass-enabled devices. As Nick Ramos, you’re trying to escape Los Perdidos and fight your way through thousands of zombies. Early in the story, Nick finds a smartphone. At this point the player can connect their SmartGlass device and turn it into a Zombie Defense and Control PDA.

Here are the features Nick’s ZDC PDA will support:

You will receive phone calls and text messages from in-game characters on your SmartGlass device which will activate special missions exclusive to SmartGlass users. These missions have their own story that feeds back into the fiction of "Dead Rising 3" and will reward players with exclusive weapons and additional support applications for your ZDC PDA. You can also track your progress of the game and receive updates and hints on where zombie outbreaks are happening in the city. You can also use military support by requesting drone gun support, military flares, and air strikes.

Just Dance 2014: Xbox SmartGlass has enabled us to take the interactive party experience to the next level for "Just Dance 2014." Ubisoft designed a range of new features for the Kinect platform. In Just Dance you can use SmartGlass to set up play lists. Also you can add or remove songs during gameplay allowing for instant transformation of the soundtrack. Also in the new Just Dance you have instant video recaps that you can edit with your SmartGlass and share accordingly. Players will also have access to "Just Dance 2014’s" brand new PartyMaster game mode via SmartGlass. PartyMaster gives ultimate control to one player by letting them choose the next dance move in real-time on their smartphone or tablet and even switch tracks mid-song to become the DJ of the party.

It looks like Xbox is really going to make it a go with SmartGlass. Remember Xbox One is coming out on Nov. 22 so get your SmartGlass device ready.

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