Wednesday, November 6, 2013

American Horror Story Season 3, Ep. 5 “Burn, Witch. Burn!” Review

Important Moments: 

Show begins with a flashback to 1833. LaLaurie is having a party on All Hallow’s Eve. Her daughters plot to kill her for being so horrible. She has the girls tied up in her dungeon for a year.

Present day the zombies are there to seek revenge on behalf of Marie Laveau. Fiona comes to the aid of her daughter and sees the acid eating away at Delia’s face. Fiona becomes upset to learn that Delia can no longer see. The girls are at a lost at what to do. Marie is floating after her spell. The neighbor walks outside because he does not believe the zombies are real. The zombies wake up and start to kill. Zoe steps up to organize everyone while Nan runs out to help the neighbor. Fiona finds the med room after running out of pills. Fiona finds a room where a mother recently gave birth to a stillborn baby and makes the mother talk to and hold the baby. She brings the baby back to life.

Zoe is able to distract the zombies from Nan and the neighbor. LaLaurie is downstairs alone and sees her daughter and lets her into the house and begs forgiveness. The zombie begins choking her. Zoe is trapped. Queenie is fighting the zombie and in the end LaLaurie is able to kill her. Zoe is back with a chainsaw and cuts down the zombies. Blood anyone? Zoe uses a spell to kill the last zombie which knocks out Marie who promptly states there is real power in the witch house. Fiona tells the scummy husband to leave. Her touches Delia who is able to see his tryst with the woman he killed.

They burn the bodies of the zombies. Fiona lets the neighbor Luke stay while he is recovering. The council are back and demand that Fiona gives up being a supreme. Fiona lets the council know that Snow has been there the whole time and hurt her daughter. The council agrees to burn her for her actions. They have a designated place to burn a witch. Everyone is present for the burning.

Fiona uses Queenie's power to show acid on the Snow's hand to help convict her. Queenie is finding it hard to live with the guilt. Fiona talks Queenie down and makes her believe that she has the potential to be the next supreme. The butler is still playing with the body of Madison and rips her arm off by mistake. Misty shows up to the burnt body and brings her back to life. 

My Thoughts:

There is something about a flickering overhead light in a hallway that is beyond creepy. Having Fiona revive that baby shows a side to her that the audience needed to see. You can see that Fiona is human and she loves her daughter completely. I continue to enjoy the relationship between Queenie and LaLaurie. I am guessing that Zoe has the potential to be the next supreme.

I know Fiona is able to twist things but I am in awe of her ability to frame Snow so well. On another note, the neighbor Luke is confusing in it all. What role is he going to play? I do not believe it is a coincidence that a holy roller moved in next door to the witches. Is Misty going to continue to come around and change the fates of those that are dead at the hands of the witches. Also what power does Delia have now that she cannot see. 

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