Thursday, December 12, 2013

American Horror Story: Coven S3, Ep. 9 “Head” Review

Important Moments: 

Show starts with a father and son camping in 1991. It is Hank as a child being trained to be a witch hunter. He is on his first hunt but hesitates and his father has to kill the witch instead. Fiona meets with Marie to talk about an alliance. Fiona shows Marie the bullet from the witch hunter. Marie refuses to help. Fiona reminds her that they will come after her as well. Delia is trying to make eggs and Mrytle just wants her to know that she did not blind her. Hank shows up to the Delphi Trust Company which is the company that the witch hunters act under.  His father is yelling at him for messing up and not being there to gather information in the academy.  Turns out that the Delphi company blinded Delia.

Myrtle is meeting with the council singing the praises of Misty. Myrtle has put a spell on the council members making them into statues. Myrtle takes the eye of the council members and gives them to Delia so she can see. She now has one blue eye and one brown eye. Myrtle and Fiona are sniping at each other. Delia tells them to stop fighting and to worry about the witch hunters. Delia realizes her extra powers are gone now that she has eyes.

Madison and Zoe are in the hospital to find Nan. Luke’s mother refuses to let Nan see Luke but Madison pushes her way in. Nan uses her clairvoyance to talk to Luke. Queenie has LaLaurie’s head and plans to educate her on Roots. Hank is in a hotel room being tortured by Marie who has a voodoo doll. He instructed to kill them tonight or he will die. Delia is teaching Misty some basic spells and powers. Hank shows up to the coven. He is happy to see that she has her sight back. Delia refuses to let Hank back.

Fiona finds Kyle in Zoe’s room. Luke’s mother is grateful to Nan. Luke says that his father’s death was not an accident. Apparently his father was leaving his mother and that she put bees in the car to kill him. Luke’s mother refuses to listen and calls Nan a fake. Hank is preparing to go on a killing spree. Nan, Zoe, and Madison return home and find Kyle playing cards with Fiona. Kyle is better thanks to Fiona. Fiona plans on using Kyle as a guard dog. Hank kicks in the door of Marie’s place and starts shooting and killing everyone. He shoots Queenie. Queenie grabs a gun and as Hank is about to kill Marie, Queenie is able to shoot herself with the gun and kills Hank. The conditioning Queenie has been doing on LaLaurie has started to work. Hank’s father is crying at the pictures of his son dead. Luke wakes up from the coma to be killed by his mother. Marie shows up to the coven as the final scene and Fiona lets her in.

My Thoughts:

I know it took a lot for Fiona to ask for help from Marie but it had to be done. Wow so it was Hank’s father that authorized Delia to be blinded. Great background information about Hank and how his father sees him as a failure. I also enjoyed Myrtle taking out her anger on the council as she should. Queenie making LaLaurie watch Roots really made me giggle.

I am sure that now that Hank has been killed, his father will stop at nothing to get his revenge. He may have not been the most loving father but he will avenge his son’s death. Now the coven and Marie will have to ban together to fight a true common enemy. 

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