Friday, December 13, 2013

The Vampire Diaries S5, Ep. 10 “Fifty Shades of Grayson” Review

Important Moments: 

Damon is in his cell trapped. He tries to MacGyver his way out and is freed. Katherine wakes up from her night of bliss with Stefan and finds that more of her hair has fallen out and she runs from the room. Elena wakes up in captivity. Elena remembers the place where she is being held. Damon enlists Stefan’s help to find Elena. Damon tracks down Aaron to find out where Elena is. Maxfield is draining Elena as part of the experiment. Maxfield reads to her some of the experiments that her father conducted. Elena is being held in basement of her father’s clinic. Maxfield agrees to bring Elena but he will be bringing Enzo instead.

Matt is training Katherine to get her into shape. Nadia is upset with Katherine for trying to commit suicide. Nadia has an idea on how Katherine can live longer. Elena is flashing back to her childhood and being in the basement. Damon, Aaron, and Stefan meet up with Enzo. Enzo killed Elena’s roommate. Megan. Enzo gets upset that no one is focusing on him as they are more concerned about Elena. He tells the story to everyone of how Damon left him.

Aaron realizes that Maxfield does not care about him so he is quick to sell him out. Enzo refuses to let Damon leave. Nadia points out that Katherine is a traveler and can live on in someone else’s body. Nadia becomes upset when she realizes that Katherine only cares about forgiveness from Stefan. Enzo has been injected with a serum that will stop his heart if he does not return to Maxfield for the antidote. Damon and Enzo start fighting. Enzo is taken down by the poison before he can tell where Elena is. Aaron fills Stefan in on how Damon keeps killing his family.

Elena flashes back to her father doing one of his experiments and how he planned to save a little girl with his experiment. Maxfield plans on injecting Elena so she will crave vampire blood. Just as Maxfield is about to inject her Elena headbutts him and Stefan shows up to realease her. Elena grabs her father’s journal before leaving.

Nadia shows up to talk to Matt and gives him the knife for safe keeping in case Katherine decides to become a traveler. Nadia is upset that Katherine is going to die. Matt agrees to keep the knife for her. Enzo wakes up and realizes that Damon saved him. Damon lets Enzo know that he had to shut off the humanity switch in order to leave Enzo. Enzo tells Damon he will always be a monster.

Elena is reading her father's journal. Apparently her father gave vampire blood to Megan which cured her of a heart problem. Damon says he does not understand why Elena is with him even after everything awful that he has done. He tells her that he cannot change and he refuses to change her. He breaks up with her. Katherine shows up to talk to Stefan and wants to talk about what happened the night before. Katherine wants to know if Stefan can ever forgive all that she has done. They are both sorry that she is dying. Katherine walks out. Aaron finds Maxfield and is upset that he was sold out. He grabs the vile of serum that causes vampires to crave vampire blood. He tells Maxfield to stay out of his life. Katherine calls Nadia and says she wants to become a traveler and starts to get a pain in her arm. She has a heart attack and falls down the stairs. End. 

My Thoughts:

I enjoy how calm Aaron is when dealing with Damon and Stefan. He is funny and I respect him for not being too freaked out. However, I must point out that it appears as though he is on medication and that may be why he is not freaking out or it could just be the actor. It was annoying to see Damon break up with Elena because of the words from Enzo. It is always forgotten how much Damon can be easily affected by the opinions of others. If he breaks up with Elena and Elena realizes that Stefan will not be her fall back guy what will happen then?

Katherine having a heart attack, really? That was predictable as soon as she called Nadia to say she will do the traveler thing, I knew that she was about to fall down those steps and be sick somehow. 

I wonder if Elena still ended up with some of the serum in her system. She was stabbed with the needle even if it wasn't injected maybe some of it was. That would add a good twist. I look forward to seeing where the show will go. 

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