Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Revolution S2, Ep. 10 “The Three Amigos” Review

Important Moments:

Show starts with a daring rescue of Rachel’s father. He is released to help Miles who has blood poisoning. Aaron is staring at the grave of Cynthia and is focused on what the nanytes said about Spring City. Miles wakes up and Monroe only has one request which is the location of his son. Miles agrees to take Monroe to his son whose name is Conner. Monroe, Rachel, and Miles head off to meet his son. Tom, Julia, and Jason are working together to take out the chief of staff so Julia’s current husband can take over.

Aaron decides to take off on his own leaving Charlie and Rachel’s father behind. Monroe’s son is in Mexico and is probably the reason for the title. Charlie is not able to find Aaron. Monroe highjacks the wagon into Mexico. They run into a road block of trying to find his son. The aunt and uncle who were caring for him are dead.

Jason is with a patriot guy who has an envelope with the eye symbol on it. Monroe meets his son in a bar after mouthing off to him. It was actually funny and well done. They let Connor know that his mother is dead. His son is in disbelief when he finds out the name of his father. He is the son of Monroe. Rachel starts taking shots at Monroe who is blaming Miles for how his son turned out and then he responds saying that by Rachel’s logic Charlie will grow up to end the world.

Jason reads the patriot paperwork and looks shocked. Tom gets the job done and kills the Chief of Staff. Monroe shows up to talk to his son again. Monroe lets his son know that he needs to aim higher. He ends up being taken to Connor’s boss. Now Rachel and Miles have to rescue him.

The patriots are giving out oranges and talk about trying to return life back to the a better time via handing out oranges. They are injecting something into the oranges before giving them to people. Aaron is out on the road by himself in Spring City, Oklahoma. Aaron finds Grace.

My Thoughts: I giggled at the disbelief of Rachel’s dad when he realized Charlie killed two people. He does not know his granddaughter at all. Then when she killed the men on the convoy, he just could not believe it.

Monroe is so clueless. How did he not realize that having Rachel help him find his son  would mean nothing. He killed this woman’s son. I wouldn't be surprised if she killed him in his sleep.Tom is playing a dangerous game. He wants his wife back but he needs her to be with her current husband. It is hard for a man to see his woman with someone else. 

Now the question is what was the reason for Aaron going to Oklahoma and what is being injected into the oranges. Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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