Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Michonne vs Afro Samurai: Who would win?

Hello Everyone,
I realized when the question was asked who would you choose Michonne or Afro Samurai, I wanted to know who would win in a battle between those two. I decided to pull together information and see if I can make an educated guess based on information.

Afro Samurai:
Family Background:  Afro Samurai is a talented swordsman who watched his father being decapitated right in front of him. Due to this trauma, Afro developed a mindset of revenge and became a cold-blooded killer.
Appearance:  Afro's outfit consists of a white Japanese folding shirt and dark brown baggy pants. He also wears a pair of wooden sandals. Afro wears a number two headband.
Weapon of Choice: Afro has the sword that was passed on to him after his father died.
Kill Count: Unknown 

Family Background: Michonne was a lawyer in her life prior to the whole zombie outbreak. She had two daughters that were home with a nanny when the outbreak occurred and she does not know if they are alive but they are assumed dead. Her two sisters, brother,  ex-husband, and boyfriend are dead as well.
Appearance: Michonne was featured on the cover of #19 wearing a mini skirt, tights, combat boots, tank top, scarf, and a green army coat. She switched over to a short sleeve or sleeveless shirt, headband, and jeans.

Weapon of Choice: Michonne picked up a katana from a house while on a supply run. She has a background in fencing from her childhood and college. 
Kill Count: Unknown 


These two characters move smoothly in their kills. It is almost like a dance when their blades start swinging. I am going to go with Michonne. I might be sexist but oh well. I think her training, resilience, and intelligence would make her the ultimate winner.  I do not think it will be an easy fight but she will come out on top in the end. 
Now that you have background information of the two who do you think will win?

Post by Vikki
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  1. Interesting and hard to call but I have to go with Samuel L Jackson, I mean Afro Samurai. Like you said though the fight would not be easy and would most likely come down to Ninja Ninja doing something distracting.

  2. Being a fan of both and knowing what Afro went through to get the #1 & #2 headband, I'm gonna have to go with Afro on this one.

  3. I can't believe this is being debated. Afro would be the winner hands down.

  4. Well if we use anime physics for both would be a good fight but afro should have the experience on his side.