Monday, March 24, 2014

Resurrection S1, Ep.3 “Two Rivers” Recap

Recap: So Jacob’s remains were in the coffin. He is wearing the same shirt he had on when he was found in China during the first episode. Agent Bellamy and Maggie are even more confused. Jacob tells Agent Bellamy about the dream he had about Caleb disintegrating into dust. Agent Bellamy tells Jacob to stay away from Caleb. Agent Bellamy goes to question Caleb. He brings up Caleb’s less than stellar past from 13 years ago. Agent Bellamy vows to uncover what he is hiding. Caleb describes what it felt like to die. Agent Bellamy warns Caleb to stay away from Jacob.

Henry Langston goes to the hospital to have Maggie check out his hand. He asks if Jacob’s body was in the coffin. She admits his remains were there. Agent Bellamy and Maggie talk at the hospital and agree that Caleb is hiding something. Elaine shares information about their financial problems with Caleb. Caleb agrees to go grocery shopping with Ray, but Ray tells him he doesn’t belong there. A woman shares her concerns with Pastor Tom Hale about Lucille Langston calling the boy “Jacob” and believing he is her dead son. She questions if Lucille needs psychological help and if this is really God’s doing or something else. 

Maggie shows Agent Bellamy where her mother and Jacob drowned. They discuss the theory that the river may have something to do with the dead people returning. Some of Caleb’s ashes were also scattered in the river after he died. Sheriff Langston asks Jacob if the man that was by the river when he drowned pushed his wife in. Jacob tells him that he was actually trying to save her. Caleb brings Elaine a brown bag lunch at work and tells her to focus on her life. He will worry about Ray and making everything better. Sheriff Langston goes to a bar and shares his story of finding out his wife cheated. He basically threatens to hurt the man she cheated with if he ever shows his face. After he leaves the bar, we realize the man was actually in the same bar and overheard the sheriff’s threat.

Henry explains that he isn’t sure how to handle the fact that there are two Jacobs: one in the coffin and one walking around. At the church, members tell Pastor Tom Hale that Lucille Langston and Jacob should be banned from church. They also share that Caleb has returned. The pastor disagrees with banning anyone from church. Back in the woods, Agent Bellamy and Maggie find all the holes Caleb has been digging. They find what looked like a cloth before, but now we see that it is a mask. They realized Ray has been watching them. Ray tells them “that man” dug the holes, he’s been watching him and he knows who he is. Ray says that he never sleeps and he eats all the time. He believes he is an alien. He shows them newspaper clippings that could help prove his theory.

Henry and Jacob start building a boat together, like they did in the past. Henry starts reminiscing about Jacob from before, then he has a muscle spasm in his arm and cuts it on a saw. He yells at Jacob to get out. Maggie and Agent Bellamy are discussing the possibility of Caleb being a bank robber when she gets a text to head to the hospital to check on Henry’s arm wound. Henry confesses to Maggie that he blames himself for Jacob’s death. Maggie tells him that his emotional stress is affecting his health. He had the same physical issues when Jacob died. When he returns home, he confesses to Lucille that he feels like he is betraying the old Jacob if he accepts the new Jacob. He feels that Lucille is betraying the old Jacob. She storms away upset with him.

Agent Bellamy goes by Mr. Getheard’s house and notices the door is open. He walks in with his gun drawn. He finds a bloody trail with a dead man at the end of it. It appears to be the man that Caleb beat to death. Pastor Tom Hale notices that the church has been broken into. There is a woman in the front pew sitting in the dark. She tells him she didn’t have anywhere to go. He realizes it is someone named Rachel. She asks if she really died.

Review: In short, this episode was boring, boring, boring. Still not sure what Agent Bellamy’s secret from five years ago is. Caleb’s behavior is unexplained. I wonder how long it will take to connect him to Mr. Getheard’s murder. Based on the preview for next week, Rachel is Pastor Tom Hale’s old girlfriend. That should be interesting information for his wife.

I had such high hopes for this week, but I honestly couldn’t wait for this episode to be over. I don’t feel like the storyline moved forward much at all. We didn’t get much insight into the characters on a deeper level. Except for some extra information like Henry’s health issues when he is stressed, Sheriff Langston’s feelings about his wife’s lover, and the discovery of Caleb’s holes in the woods, we didn’t learn much. I hope next week is better. I am trying to be optimistic, but I can see this series turning into a snooze.

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

Veronica Fitzpatrick

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