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The Walking Dead S4, Ep. 15 "Us" Recap

Glenn, Tara, and group are walking down the tracks to Terminus. Abraham questions Tara's motives. Eugene continues to talk Tara's ear off. Glenn finds a sign from Maggie saying to go to Terminus. He starts to jog down the path. Daryl is with his new group. Rick, Carl, and Michonne are walking the tracks. Great bonding moment. 
Daryl finds himself facing off with a jerk. Daryl has new rules to live by in the new group. Abraham tells Glenn, they have to rest. Glenn refuses and they notice a tunnel. The group parts ways as Abraham does not believe he can keep Eugene alive in the tunnel. Daryl is talking to the leader of the group. He says that he isn't staying with them long. Glenn and Tara make their way through the tunnel and realizes it has been caved in. They find a lot of zombies. Glenn scans the zombies to check that Maggie was not one of them. 

Abraham and his group are scouting for a car. Rosalita takes control of the navigation as apparently Eugene messed up in the past. Glen and Tara try to go around the zombies but Tara ends up trapped under a rock. Eugene navigated Rosalita until where he thinks Tara and Glenn would come out of the tunnel. Daryl finds himself being accused of stealing and the other guy gets the crap beat out of him because he set Daryl up. Tara tries to tell Glenn to leave her but he refuses and starts to shoot the Zombies. They end up being saved by Maggie and her group. 

Glenn introduces Maggie to Tara and changes the story saying that he met Tara on the road. Glenn, Maggie, and Abraham talk about them going to Washington. Eugene says they go to Terminus for supplies. Everyone agrees to go to Terminus. Daryl finds the body of the guy that set him up. Daryl sees the Terminus sign but the group does not believe in it. The group are the guys that showed up to the house where Rick was staying. They are determined to find Rick and make him pay. Glenn, Maggie, and group arrive to Terminus. They are greeted by Mary who welcomes them to Terminus. 

My thoughts: I am happy to see all the different groups. I might have screamed if we had one more episode of just one group. I think it is in Daryl's best interest to leave that group as soon as possible. The group finally gets to Terminus which is great. I wonder what hidden horrors are there. Poor Rick always has someone after him. Luckily he has Michonne.

Happy Moment: Maggie and Glenn are reunited.

What are you hoping to happen in the next episode? Leave your thoughts in the comments. 

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