Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Resurrection S1 Ep.7 “Schemes of the Devil”

Recap: Pastor Tom, Maggie, and Agent Bellamy try to figure out where Rachael is.  They decide to ask Jacob if he can sense where she is.  Jacob is unable to help.  Rachael’s captors think she knows where Caleb is.  She tells them that she doesn’t.  Gary Humphrey’s friends don’t want any more to do with the kidnapping, so they leave.  Gary tells them not tell anyone she is there.

Eric and Maggie study Jacob’s blood cells.  Caleb’s blood seems to have disappeared from the vials.  They discover Jacob’s blood cells may be able to cure leukemia.  Agent Bellamy and Pastor Tom tell Sheriff Langston that they suspect Gary has kidnapped Rachael.  Sheriff Langston doesn’t let them know, but he suspects that one of the officers, Carl, knows something.  He confronts Carl.  Agent Bellamy and Pastor Tom question Gary’s wife. 

Gary threatens Rachael with a knife to tell him what she is.  Sheriff Langston shows up at the cabin where Gary is holding Rachael captive.   He finds Rachael and unties her.  Gary holds both of them there at gunpoint.  Agent Bellamy comes in to find Gary holding a gun to Rachael’s head.  Pastor Tom comes in and tries to plead with Gary to put the gun down.  Gary turns the gun on Tom.  Gary struggles with Rachael and the gun goes off, killing Rachael.  Pastor Tom cries with Rachael in his arms. 

Henry and Lucille go looking for Jacob, who has run off.  They find him at the park.  Jacob has found more resurrected people, a little girl Jenny and her parents.  He had run off to give them food.  Another resurrected man shows up at the sheriff’s department.  It seems that more and more people are returning all from Arcadia.  Maggie is contemplating going away with Eric for research.   While Agent Bellamy is talking to Maggie on the phone and driving, he sees Rachael walking in the middle of the road.  Sheriff Langston rushes home to see if his wife has returned.  He finds Maggie there waiting too.  His wife isn’t there.  Maggie leaves and finds her mother at her ex-lover’s house.

Review: This is starting to get a bit more interesting, now that more and more people are returning.  I was shocked that Rachael died and came back again so fast.  Maggie’s mother came back and was exactly where I thought she would be.  I think she has been there for a while now, hiding out.

If Jacob’s blood cells can really cure leukemia, it is going to be hard to keep it a secret for long.  Eric will most likely want to test it out on himself to see if he can be cured.  With all of these people returning, the town is going to go crazy. 

What happened to Caleb and will he come back again?

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