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Teen Wolf S4, Ep. 3 "Muted" Recap

Important Moments: Episode starts with a teenager looking for his pet. He cannot find the pet so he goes inside the house and climbs back into bed and notices bloody paw prints. His cat is under the bed covered in blood. He hears screaming coming from his mother's bedroom. He sees a man with a bloody axe in the hallway. He takes off running. The man talks to him about how he killed his family. He tells him to defend himself with a shard from the mirror but Shawn takes off running by escaping through the window. Braeden, Peter, and Derek are negotiating for Braeden to find Kate first. Derek wants to know why his eyes are yellow now. Stiles and Scott show up for lacrosse practice. A freshman is going to take his spot. Shawn shows up to the hospital right in front of Mrs. McCall. Mr. Stilinski and Mrs. McCall believe the family that was murdered was the every day variety and do not want to involve the boys. 

Kira finds out from her parents that they are moving back to New York and is upset. Stiles has to encourage Malia to attend math class. Fun moment. Scott steals a kiss from Kira without even realizing it. Creepy man with no mouth hooks himself up to the computer (I guess this is where the concept of muted comes from?). Yeah, I have no words for that. Braeden shows up to the police station claiming she is a US Marshall and wants the case file for the family murder. 

Stiles does not trust the new guy as they start the lacrosse try outs. Stiles makes a joke that he must be a were-cheetah. Stiles hypes Scott up until he wants to use his wolfy powers. Stiles and Scott work together to show how good they can be. The new guy, Liam, is up and shows up Scott and Stiles. They have a do-over and he takes a hard hit. Kira catches the Lacrosse ball before it can hit Malia. (Looks like Kira is on the team now - wonder how Scott is going to take it. 

Lydia is at the murder house just walking around. She is confronted by the deputy and believes that she is psychic. She notices screaming faces in a wood panel. She finds a hidden tunnel. She and the deputy check it out and find a meat locker filled with bodies. Hot moment between Derek and Braeden. Scott talks to Kira for half a minute and runs off. He then comes back in an epic Disney way kisses her like he means it. Cute Stiles and Malia moment as she explains her highlighter method which reminds Stiles of his string obsession. Stiles realizes that Lydia's notebook is filled with gibberish. Mrs. McCall is treating Shawn. Scott and Stiles show up with Liam. Liam realizes that his foot is broken. The new doctor is a father figure to Liam. 

Mrs. McCall walks into Shawn's room and he has crazy teeth and eyes as he is snacking on a cop. Mrs. McCall ties to run but luckily Scott is there to face Shawn. Shawn runs off and Scott has to find him. Liam comes face to face with Shawn. Shawn is a windego (I remember this from Charmed). Shawn holds Scott back from saving Liam so the only thing Scott can do is hold him with his teeth. He game him the bite. The muted man kills the windego and indicates to Scott to keep it quiet. 

My Thoughts: I love the Stiles and Scott duo. The dynamic between those two is so well done. I also continue to love Stiles with Malia. I am unsure if we will see this muted man anymore but he adds an interesting dynamic. He is some type of supernatural hunter. I wonder if he only hunts those that go after those who hunt humans?

I worry for Scott now that he has bitten someone. What will happen to Liam? Plus will the hunters now come after him since he turned an innocent even if it was by good intentions. However I do not think this will matter in the end.

Windego - A demonic half-beast that eats human flesh. We are now introduced to this creepy beast. How many more different types of creatures will we see? This is only the third episode. We have a lot to go. What did you think?

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