Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Marvel Universe Live Review

Marvel Universe Live is a Theatrical Production stemming from the successful Marvel Studio Based Films. The show focuses on The X-Men, Avengers, and Spiderman (Sorry No Guardians). The script takes pieces from past movies and combines them to produce a decent show.

Be warned, this is not an adult created event. The target audience are the 3 -13 years old and their parents who knocks them over for a seat. My son is 11 and he consistently mentioned wiring to support the actors whole performance = bored. The are no slow spots during the show. I do suggest to make sure to be on time because our show was 3:30pm and it is punctual. There is a 15 minute intermission allowing for breakdown and build up of the stage.

The finale of the show (and what people were waiting on) was the transformation of the Hulk. The creators came up with a creative Green behemoth that does not disappoint. If you have children between the ages 3 - 13 and they love superheroes then I highly recommend to see The Marvel Universe Live. The roadshow schedule is online and they make it a point that any angle in the arena are good viewing locations. I have attached a few shots of the show - enjoy. For tickets and times check out here: Marvel Universe Official Website

Post by James Crittenden 

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