Monday, August 25, 2014

True Blood S7 Ep.10 “Thank You” SERIES FINALE

Recap: Jessica and Hoyt get married.  Bill leaves his house to Andy in his will, so Jessica and Hoyt can live there when he dies.  Pam and Eric set Gus on fire, kill his men, and take Sarah.  They plan to sell New Blood themselves.  Sookie agrees to kill Bill, but does not want to use the last of her powers to do it, so she stakes him.  

Three years later: Everyone gathers for a Thanksgiving dinner.  Jason and Bridget are together with children.  Jessica and Hoyt are still together.  Sam and his wife are also still together, as are Lafayette and James.  Sookie is pregnant and seems happy with a man.  We never get to fully see his face.  Eric and Pam are famous and successful because of New Blood.  They continue to keep Sarah chained up, so vampires can feed off of her. 

Review: I was very disappointed with the series finale of True Blood.  Bill is finally killed by Sookie at his request.  If she wasn’t going to use her powers to kill him, he could have just died from the Hep-V, but I guess this makes it more dramatic.  I wish we would have been able to fully see who Sookie ended up with, but I guess since it wasn’t an existing character, it really doesn't matter.  The finale seemed rushed and thrown together.  Although this is not the first time a series finale has felt this way to me, it is certainly one of the biggest letdowns.  This final season was not what I expected it to be, so there really weren’t many choices on how to end it.   

Farewell to True Blood.  Thank you for seven seasons.

My question this week is: Are you satisfied with the ending?

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

Veronica Fitzpatrick

Twitter: @RonnieLauren

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