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The Vampire Diaries S6, Ep. 4 "Black Hole Sun" Recap

Show starts with Kai constantly talking and annoying Damon. Kai wants to know what Damon did on May 10th, 1994. Flashback to Damon visiting Stefan at the boarding house. Remember when there was a human Salvatore living in the home. Present - Elena calls Stefan about her compulsion not working on Sara. Elena stops Stefan from leaving. Alaric is with Jeremy. Jeremy is sick and puking while Matt is going to meet with Tripp about Sara. Matt overhears Tripp on the phone and is questioned by Tripp. Matt works as a double agent getting close to Tripp. Damon, Bonnie, and Kai take a trip to Damon's past. He is hanging out with Stefan and we see that the human Zack Salvatore who also has a pregnant woman living in the boarding house with him. Kai lets them know that they will harness the power of the eclipse to get out. They are still questioning what Damon did on that day that makes it his own personal hell.

Elena is with Stefan at his job at the garage. He plans to show her how he is able to move on with his life. He says the key is to do normal things. He proposes to her as a joke thing and the whole bar claps and just like that they have new identities. Bonnie is trying to locate the focus for harnessing. Past - Damon is actually talking to Caroline's mother who shows a picture of the baby Caroline. Stefan notices bite marks on the Gail (pregnant lady). Stefan yells at Damon for feeding on the people in the boarding house. Stefan snaps Damon's neck. Present - turns out Kai had the focus the entire time as he was testing Bonnie's power. Past - Damon wakes up and Stefan interrogates him on why he came back. Stefan believes Damon is trying to destroy everything he has built. He says some pretty mean things to Damon.

Present - Elena and Stefan are still in the bar. He is telling her about how he reinvents himself. Stefan almost slips up about Damon to Elena but he is able to get the conversation back on track. Damon, Bonnie, and Kai wait for the eclipse. Bonnie notices a family massacre in the paper. They believed Kai killed his family. He literally explains to them how he killed them. They were his family of witches. Bonnie realizes the place is a prison and Kai was banished there for killing his family. Alaric and Jeremy are practice fighting in the woods. Jeremy is pissed that Bonnie saved everyone but herself. Alaric lays into him by laying out all his own gripes and he wins hands down. Elena truly believes Stefan is happy and she leaves. Stefan talks to the guy at the bar. He purposely gets in a fight and lets the guy beat the crap out of him. Elena comes back and compels the guy away. Past - Stefan talks to Zack and they see everyone dead in the boarding house. Damon has Gail by the neck and he believes Stefan owes him. He feeds off the pregnant lady and leaves. 

Damon shares how he killed the pregnant lady. Kai was about to force Bonnie to use her magic and Damon protects Bonnie. Matt is getting Tripp to trust him. Elena confronts Stefan about him not really being happy. Stefan gets annoyed with Elena for telling him to get over Damon. He tells her that she was in love with Damon. Stefan admits that he cannot live without Damon but he will try to make a new life and Elena can do it her way. Tripp takes Matt to a building. Apparently Tripp was compelled to forget about his wife being killed. He lost that compulsion by coming back and he now has Enzo locked up. Sara is the daughter of the pregnant chick that Damon killed. She is Zack Salvatores's daughter. Damon's actions in the past caused the counsel to be reactivated. Elena confronts Alaric about erasing her life. He gives her the journal she wrote about Damon. She has a Damon box filled with all the past memories. Stefan was at the garage restoring Damon's car. Elena asks Alaric to hold on to the box. Bonnie asks Damon about how he feels remorse about killing the pregnant lady. She thinks there is hope for him. Kai can consume magic from others but does not have magic himself. He threatens to kill her but wants to work with them. Stefan is confronted by Ivy who is transformed into a vampire by Enzo. 

My Thoughts: I cannot wait to see how it works out that there is a living Salvatore out there. They have a great great great niece. How will Damon explain that one. He killed both her parents. Next you have killer Kai. He is completely evil. If he can just consume Bonnie's powers and then leave then why doesn't he. There is no need to keep them unless he truly does need them for a reason. 

Ivy is a vampire. Tripp is crazy and out for vengeance. I wonder if Damon killed the wife as well. This was a great episode with a lot of story happening. I wonder if Damon will become protective of his niece or just kill her too. Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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